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The Sounds may not be a household name in America yet, but they have a few fans: Dave Grohl. Quentin Tarantino. Bam Margera. Britney Spears. And a large cult following that has been anxiously awaiting their new album, Crossing the Rubicon. Describing their average studio day, guitarist Felix Rodriguez says, "Coffee, studio, coffee, studio, coffee, studio, meet up with friends, beer, studio, beer, studio, beer and casino or home to your girlfriend - in that exact order!"

Similar to The Killers, their rising popularity could be attributed the bands fun, buzzy, synth heavy songs and hooky melodies. "We have...a lot of energetic songs. It's just how we write music. We don't think about it. It's just how it comes out," says Rodriguez. Their debut album, Living in America was released in their home country of Sweden in 2002, climbed to #4 on the charts soon after and earned them a Swedish Grammy. In 2003, the album finally made its way to America. While Living in America displayed their Cars, Blondie, Missing Persons inspired synth dance rock, 2006's Dying to Say This To You showed more original, tight, sexy songwriting.

Or their popularity could be due to their relentless work ethic and constant touring. The band often plays over 200 shows a year and has toured with bands like The Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Angels & Airwaves, and Panic! At the Disco. Currently, they are special guests on No Doubt's huge summer tour, playing arenas across North America.

Of course, having a bi-sexual lead singer with model like looks doesn't hurt either. If you don't know Maya Ivarsson from the Sounds, or if you haven't seen her at a Slipknot or Depeche Mode concert (reportedly, she's a big fan), you might remember her as the sexy distraction in Cobra Starship's video for Snakes on a Plane. After being named as one of Blender's "Hottest Women of...Rock!" Ivarsson was invited to join the band as the lead singer (Nice move guys) in the late 90s. The line-up has been the same ever since.

Crossing the Rubicon, the Sounds 3rd album, was released in the U.S. on June 2nd. Flycell features all of the tracks from the new album, and only Flycell has an exclusive interview with Fredrik Nilsson, The Sounds Drummer. Find out about the single, "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake", his top 5 songs, and the tech gadgets he can't live without.

FC: Tell us the story behind the single, "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake".

Well, it was one of the first songs written and recorded for this album...we wanted big guitars, big drums, big everything on this one, it's a little bit anthemic without being too much. At least that's my opinion.

FC: The 80's, Blondie and Missing Persons seem to be The Sounds biggest influences. Are there other influences you have that would surprise your fans?

All those bands you just mentioned never have and never will be any of our influences, still good bands, but not something that we listen to. Surprise influences might be: Queen, Prince, Dire Straits and Public Enemy.

FC: Where were you when you heard you got the opening slot for the No Doubt tour?

At home in my apartment.

FC: What are your Top 5 songs you are listening to right now.

  1. 1. Memories of Green - Vangelis
  2. 2. The Man in Me - Bob Dylan
  3. 3. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
  4. 4. Ol'55 - Tom Waits
  5. 5. Sign of the Times - Prince

What is your current ringtone?

Hmm... Dunno, one of the standard ones.

FC: What mobile device do you carry around?

On tour I usually have my phone, ipod, Macbook and PSP.

FC: What is the biggest effect technology has on your life?

Well, that depends on what kind of technology we are talking about, but if we stick to the ones I just mentioned, then I guess the Internet incorporates a lot of useful things. I mainly use it to keep in touch with loved ones and to search for information.

FC: Is there a particular item that you can't live without?

I don't think so, but I try not to rely on technology too much. It is useful, but not essential.


  1. 4 Songs and A Fight
  2. Beatbox
  3. Crossing The Rubicon
  4. Dorchester Hotel
  5. Goodnight Freddy
  6. Home Is Where Your Heart Is
  7. Lost In Love
  8. Midnight Sun
  9. My Lover
  10. The Only Ones
  11. Underground

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